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We are specialized in the sale of portioned coffee in pods and capsules from the best blends in the world but from all-Italian processing.
Caffeina Store offers various blends of the best Arabica coffees on the market such as Ethiopia, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Brazil.
In addition to a vast assortment of soluble beverages: tea, herbal tea, barley coffee and ginseng.
Thanks to the knowledge of consumers’ needs and a passionate attention to products, we have created a wide range of mixtures to satisfy the tastes of all our customers.
Personalized Caffeina Store coffee on the most common systems, protects the final consumer to guarantee the quality and exclusivity of our brand.
We do not offer a franchising but an affiliation, which does not require the payment of any right of entry.
We offer a low initial investment, high margins and assistance in all pre-post opening phases.
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Our sales points

Settimo Torinese  011 3745583
Beinasco 011 327 5373
Chivasso  011 0568934
Catanzaro Lido  393 1108914
Treviglio  331 6162314
Torino, Strada Settimo  011 6980816
Venturina Terme  328 715 3319
Rivoli  329 1406337
Balangero  347 6913371
Torino, C.so Lombardia  0114536932
Torino, Via Breglio  327 3861496
Torino, Via Cibrario 011 0568934
San Damiano  0141 975021
Moncalieri  011 682 1993
Torino  011 6980816
Rivoli  329 1406337
Balangero  347 6913371
Soverato 331 616 2314

You can also write directly to caffeinastore@gmail.com